We teach and perform to diverse audiences from corporate functions to hen parties to street carnivals to weddings to national dance events . Please contact us with any ideas you have, and we can discuss how we can help with your event.
Andy and Lindsay are available to hire for your corporate event. Our sessions can be used as great ice breakers or treats for your employees or clients; to kick-off a night of celebrations with a high-flying Lindy Hop demonstration or as a team building exercise at your company's away day.

Both Andy and Lindsay work hard to make dance as inclusive and as involving as possible for everyone. With good humour and friendly and approachable personalities, Andy and Lindsay will make sure everyone is comfortable and included.

Charleston Taster Sessions
The Charleston is a fun, light-hearted dance with a focus on enjoyment rather than technique. It is the perfect dance for complete beginners or people who claim to have no dance ability. Used at the start of corporate event, it can be invigorating, energizing and a great ice-breaker. Learn a short choreography and pull a few funny faces – it doesn't matter if you get the steps wrong!
Lindy Hop Demonstrations

Our cabaret performances are guaranteed to impress any audience as we are known for our high-flying lifts and aerials or "Airsteps". We can perform up to three dances including Lindy Hop and jazz routines for variety. We combine cool and smooth tempos with fast-paced, high-energy dancing.

Team Building
By incorporating choreography, working in groups and problem solving, we can construct a fun and valuable experience for your employees or clients. Dance is a great way to be mindful of your own body language and so is especially good for learning to interrupt other people's physical signals too.

An example 3-hour format would involve:
1. Introductions & Warm-Up (10mins)
2. Learn the basic steps (45mins)
3. Refreshments break (5mins)
4. Group Exercises (60mins)
5. Refreshments break (15mins)
6. Group Exercises (30mins)
7. Everybody Dances (5mins)
8. Andy & Lindsay Demo (5mins)
9. Cool Down (5mins)

Group Exercise Ideas
• Problem solve by creating a choreography that has to meet certain criteria
• Chinese Dance Whispers for observation and communication
• Mirroring and personal space exercises
• Memory games using increasing complex choreographies
• Dance-off challenge for your super-competitive sales teams